BMX World Champion visits The Laurels Primary School

Children at the Laurels primary school in Worthing were thrilled to meet former world Champion BMX rider,
Mike Mullen who spent the day at the local school. He led an assembly which involved sharing his journey
to success and jumping over teachers which was followed by BMX workshops for the older children, to add
his take on the growth mindset and metacognition work that is a focus at the DMAT school.

Mike’s messages of perseverance, overcoming challenges and positive thinking were shared as he spoke
about his childhood, stories which the children were able to relate to. Children at the school have shown
their perseverance and resilience to learning more recently during the periods of remote learning, where
live lessons were taught 3 times a day with 94% of the school tuning in and engaging from home.

Assistant head, Beth Collins said ‘Mike has inspired our children, sparking their desire to believe, achieve
and succeed. His stories of success have shown our children how to develop stronger mindsets, build
resilience and improve wellbeing’.

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