Governor Information

The role of the governors is to oversee the management of the school.  The members of the local governing body are drawn from parents and the wider community. The skills and expertise of the individuals are used to the full in their roles within the local governing body here at The Laurels Primary School.

The Governors can be contacted via the Clerk to the Governors: or by writing to Kerry Jones, c/o The Laurels Primary School, Winterbourne Way, Durrington, West Sussex, BN13 3QH.

Local Governing Body


Kerry Jones                 Chair of Governors.  Community Governor, SEND and Behaviour

Richard Reynolds        Vice Chair.  Parent Governor, Finance and Attendance

Charlotte Bull               Headteacher

Luke Alderton              Staff Governor

Shaun Allison               DMAT Community Governor.  Teaching & Learning and PPG

Sue Marooney              CEO DMAT

Louise Kirkwood         Parent

Sara Woodcock           Parent

Beth Collins                  Ex-officio

Jo Dommett                 Ex-officio

Nick Roberts                Ex-officio

Resigned from Local Governing Body

Arris Shanahan             25.09.2019
Sarah Dalmon               05.02.2019
Amy Crawford-Small   27.03.2019
Tom Edwards               14.05.2019
Claire Hutt                     17.09.2019
Graham Lewendon      24.09.2019
Mary Mugridge             12.11.2019
Fr. Ben Eadon                03.04.2020

Attendance at Local Governing Body meetings:  1 September 2019 to 31 July 2019 – maximum of 6 meetings

Name of Governor                                                              Attended      Apologies     Absent
Fr. Ben Eadon                                                                      5                    1
Richard Reynolds (appointed 27.03.2019)                     3
Mary Mugridge                                                                    6
Shaun Allison (appointed 27.03.2019)                            3
Sue Marooney                                                                     3                    3
Beth Collins (appointed 27.01.2019)                               3
Jo Dommett                                                                        3                    3
Nick Roberts                                                                       3                    3

Mary Mugridge was Chair of Governors for the full year 2018-2019

The clerk of the Local Governing body ensures annually that all Governors comply with legislation and declare any pecuniary interests (including business and relationships with school staff) together with details if they serve on another governing body.

Any interests for the academic year 2019-2020 are shown below.

Name of Governor                                          Pecuniary Interests
Kerry Jones                                                     Governor at another school
Richard Reynolds                                           Nil
Charlotte Bull                                                  Headteacher
Luke Alderton                                                  Member of Laurels Staff
Shaun Allison                                                  Member of staff at Durrington High School
Sue Marooney                                                 CEO of DMAT
Beth Collins                                                     Assistant Head
Jo Dommett                                                    SBM at DMAT
Nick Roberts                                                   CFO at DMAT 

The Laurels Primary school is part of Durrington Multi Academy Trust.  Click here for more information

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