Please contact the School Office for more information about our clubs.  Due to current Government guidance, we will not be running any clubs at this present time.

Here at The Laurels we have a large amount of clubs, before school, at lunchtimes and after school.

The clubs range from sporty to art and drama. There is something for everyone in all year groups. Look out at the end of each term for the new club booklet which your child will bring home to re-apply for the clubs which they wish to do. Once a club is started at the beginning of term it will run for the whole term and you need not re-apply. We ask you to choose carefully as many clubs are over-subscribed and we ask that once your child starts a club they stick with it for the term and do not “drop in and out” of clubs.

MondayChoir (Years 1-6)L TalbotHall3-4pm
Cooking Club (Years 3-6))£12 per 6 weeksD BrackstonKitchen3-4pm
ArtMr L AldertonY5 Classroom3-4pm
Construction (KS1)Mr T EdwardsY6 Classroom3-4pm
Code Club (years 2 – 6 )B Collins/D JonesLibrary3-4pm
TuesdaySama Karate (Years 1-6)£5 per session PAY AS YOU GOM HillsHall8-8.45am
Guitar (all years)£7 per session £84RockademyLibrary3.10-3.40pm
The Outdoor Project (Yr 1-6)£7 per session £84The Outdoor ProjectOutdoors3.15pm-4.15pm
WednesdayRunning Club ((Years 3-6)B Collins/N  EmpsonOutside8-8.45am
Science Club (Year 3- 6)H LuxfordClassroom3.10-4.10pm
Football (years 1-6)£3 per session £36 totalPremierOutdoors3-4pm
ThursdayDrama (Year R 1,2,3)V JenningsHall3-4pm
FridayDrama  (Year 4,5,6)£2 per week – £24 totalV JenningsHall3-4pm
Eco Council (invite only)H PinneyClassroom3.15-4.15pm