At The Laurels Primary School, we believe that children should be empowered to grow as curious mathematicians, with a strong depth of conceptual understanding. Through a fluent and meaningful understanding of mathematics, our children are able to apply their learning across the curriculum and their wider experiences, becoming resilient and practically investigative mathematicians.

We use the national curriculum and White Rose Mathematics, in conjunction with the NCETM, through which teachers work to support and guide their children through the stages of mathematical development, with a focus on the depth of understanding and application at each stage. Our children learn to communicate mathematically, developing as confident and articulate learners with a broad range of mathematical vocabulary and the verbal dexterity to explain, examine and evaluate problem solving approaches.

Our in-depth approach to critical thinking and open-ended problem solving aims to enrich our pupils with an solid mathematical foundation, on which our children are able to build successful educational careers and personal growth.